Photo Exhibition on Entrepreneurship for Migrants and Refugees

The annual Global Entrepreneurship Week (GFW) campaign raises awareness of and promotes entrepreneurship initiatives.

UNCTAD, IOM, and UNHCR held a joint photo exhibition on 18 November at the Palais des Nations in Geneva showcasing the contributions of migrant and refugee entrepreneurs to the development of their host communities and communities of origin.

In the spirit of delivering as One UN, this initiative builds on the ongoing tripartite partnership that led to the joint UNCTAD, IOM, UNHCR Policy Guide on Entrepreneurship for Migrants and Refugees, launched during the World Investment Forum in Geneva in October 2018.

The exhibition of 30 photographs also provided the occasion to exhibit the collective sculpture of artist Romain Langlois, created in collaboration with twenty migrants and refugees in France, Here are some of the familiar faces from Dzaleka Refugee Camp.

Skills in Innovation By Julia Cumes, May 2018

Remy Gakwaya is the founder of takenoLAB, an organization that teaches software engineering and digital skills to refugees and the host community in Malawi. The idea behind it is that these skills are transferable and can be applied to compete for online employment and support community technological

KING Chapati By Hugo Ivanove, October 2019

The chapati business was initiated by a young refugee, an entrepreneur called KING in Dzaleka refugee camp. He expanded his business to other major towns in Malawi. Since this type of bread is only found in Dzaleka refugee camp, people travel long distances to buy it.

Nyama Choma By Hugo Ivanove, October 2019

Refugees in the restaurant sector of the Dzaleka camp in Malawi grilling "Nyama Choma". Nyama Choma (grilled meat) is now part of the identity of Dzaleka refugee camp. People travel more than 50km to the camp to buy it.

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