About Us

Dzaleka.com is a unique platform that is dedicated to increasing transparency and promoting informed discussions about refugees in Dzaleka Refugee Camp. The website combines investigative journalism with storytelling and community engagement to provide a comprehensive look at the people, ideas, and initiatives that are shaping the refugee experience within the camp.

One of the main goals of Dzaleka.com is to give refugees a voice and ensure that their perspectives are represented in international media and events. The platform celebrates the valuable contributions of refugees and migrants, highlighting their creativity, resilience, and determination to make a difference in their new communities.

In addition to providing a platform for refugees to share their stories and insights, Dzaleka.com also offers opportunities for refugee journalists to publish their work and connect with a wider audience. By building a community of engaged individuals who are committed to learning about and addressing the challenges faced by refugees in Dzaleka Refugee Camp, the website aims to foster greater understanding and cooperation between different groups and facilitate positive change.

By building an engaged community and providing a platform for Refugee voices, artists, and thought leaders who are addressing the opportunities and challenges in Dzaleka Refugee Camp, Dzaleka.com provides a forum for learning, knowledge sharing, and problem-solving.

We're a small team and together we’re building the kind of media company we all want: curious, experimental, and ambitious — and we want you to be part of it! If you’re interested in joining us, or if you have any other questions, drop us a line at dzalekaconnect@gmail.com.

The website dzaleka.com is the digital extension of Dzaleka Connect.


To learn more about our platform or to inquire about partnership opportunities, please email dzalekaconnect@gmail.com or visit the Contact Us page.

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