Refugee learners aim to lift up their communities

The MIT Refugee Action Hub (ReACT) recently celebrated the graduation of its third Certificate in Computer and Data Science cohort in an online ceremony. ReACT is a yearlong online learning program that creates education-to-employment pathways for talented refugees and displaced populations.

The graduating cohort of 50 learners represented 22 countries worldwide — by far the broadest representation the program has had, made possible by the shift to all-online programming due to the pandemic. “We were all isolated, but we found this platform where everybody could come from multicultural backgrounds,” says learner Blein Alem. “It’s been more than a community, it’s been like family.”

One of the final learner presentations was from Amisi Jospin Hassan, who formed the organization ADAI Circle within the last year so he could share his knowledge about data science and artificial intelligence with other people in the Dzaleka Refugee Camp and surrounding villages in Malawi. Today, ADAI Circle has a building that’s part coworking space, electronic lab, computer lab, gaming space, and more, where they provide mentorship for youth and other consulting.

This article was first published by MIT

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