Supporting Dzaleka Refugee Camp

We have recently received some fantastic news about our latest project in Malawi, for which we have donated Thin Client desktops for use at the Dzaleka Refugee Camp. These donated computers are now helping refugees from several different countries to learn ICT, often for the first time. 

Eustache Kaisala is the Director of the Refugee Outreach Collective (ROC), a charity that works with universities and their networks to expand access to educational opportunities to those who have experienced forced displacement. ROC currently host a centre for educational courses just outside of the Dzalaka Refugee Camp where they are connecting refugees with classes from Central Michigan University in the USA through their Global Classroom programme. Eustache shared how this programme enables refugees at Dzaleka to attend classes alongside classmates based in Michigan, learning through weekly lectures offered by esteemed professors and submitting assignments and examinations to receive a grade and a college transcript. A truly life-changing opportunity for people working hard to rebuild their lives. 

Dzaleka Refugee Camp currently hosts 50,000 people from several neighbouring countries, including Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Somalia and Ethiopia. Through their participation in this programme, they can now learn a wide range of skills, from digital basics to university degrees. 

For The Turing Trust, this is also an exciting new development in using different technologies (thin clients, as opposed to traditional desktop computers), helping us to see how we can put varied computer and equipment donations to good use in the future. 

If you would like to donate your old computers or IT equipment and help support our work, head to the give PCs page to find out more.

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