Tumaini Festival clocks 10 years

Tumaini Festival is set to mark a decade of promoting intercultural harmony, economic empowerment, and artistic expression at Malawi’s Dzaleka Refugee Camp this year.

The organisers plan to commemorate the 10th anniversary later in the year from 31 October to 2 November 2024 and Bryce Chawiya, Tumaini Letu’s Head of Programmes, expresses gratitude over the support they have been receiving.

“…we’re very thankful for the support we have received over the years, and we’re very excited for the upcoming festival. It will be three days of memorable celebration of cultural diversity,” he said.

Founded by Menes La Plume in 2014, the festival has grown into a notable event that brings together refugees and the host community, showcasing a diverse range of talents.

It has also contributed to the economic growth of the surrounding villages.

By Raymond Midaya

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