UNHCR Donates Vehicles, Computers to Boost Security at Malawi Refugee Camp

Yamaha motorcycles to be used for transport at Dzeleka Police Unit

DOWA, Malawi — The United Nations refugee agency has provided the Malawi police with vehicles and computers to enhance security operations at the Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Dowa district, writes Cornelius Lupenga.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) donated three Yamaha motorcycles and three HP desktop computers to the Dzeleka Police Station on Wednesday.

Celine Bijeje, UNHCR programs officer, said the donation aims to address challenges the police have faced in responding swiftly to incidents at the camp, which hosts over 50,000 refugees and asylum seekers.

"The motorcycles will assist the officers to react swiftly to emergencies and conduct efficient patrols," Bijeje said. "The desktops will significantly enhance record keeping, interrogations and communication capacities."

Assistant Commissioner of Police Almakio Daka, the officer-in-charge of Dowa Police Station, welcomed the donation, promising the equipment would be utilized for its intended purposes.

The provision of the vehicles and computers comes as UNHCR and Malawi's Department of Refugee Affairs are working to reconstitute 100 refugee community policing units known as 'Sungusungu'.

These units work closely with Dzaleka police to maintain security within the camp.

"The donation is going to enhance camp security," said Hilda Kausiwa, senior administrative and operations manager for the refugee department.

Dzaleka, located about 30 kilometers (18 miles) from the capital Lilongwe, is one of two designated refugee camps in Malawi.

It hosts people fleeing conflict and persecution from countries including Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The camp has grappled with crime and tensions between refugees and surrounding communities.

The donated equipment aims to improve policing and ensure the safety and security of residents.

This article was first published by AfricaBrief

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